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August 25, 2005  
0.2.4 build 68  
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Apcon - The Multi Profile Connector


What is Apcon?

The idea of Apcon is based on IBM's Access Connections tool for the Thinkpads. Apcon is a systemtray application for KDE, that makes it very easy for users to specify and manage different network/connection profiles and connect/disconnect to/from them. Furthermore a user can get several details and informations about a connection.

This can be very useful for people using notebooks on different locations. Under normal circumstances this should be the expected situation. ;-) If the location will be changed, Apcon makes it possible to enable and configure the needed interface (to get a network connection) with just two clicks.

A profile can be created easily and quickly in four simple steps. An integrated wizard leads the user through this process.

Here you can go to the Sourceforge Project page.

The latest Version

The latest released version of Apcon is 0.2.4 build 68 from August 25, 2005. You can download the latest and older releases here.


To work properly Apcon needs dhcpcd or dhclient to configure interfaces using DHCP. Apcon prior to version 0.2.4 only works with dhcpcd.
Debian users can just type:
apt-get install dhcpcd
RedHat/Fedora users usually have dhclient as part of their distribution.

You can get the original dhcpcd sources from here, or a RPM package from here.


Apcon is free software under the GPL and the CPL.

Developer / Team

  • Andreas Pohl - The developer of Apcon.
  • Clemens Nafe - Master of the rpm packages.
  • Ralf Pohl - Creation of graphics.

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